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Course Condition

Course Closed Updated 15/04/2024

Course Condition: Course Closed Updated 15/04/2024

Full equality in golf memberships

With effect from 1st April 2019 and to comply with the equality Act, Walmersley Golf Club will become fully integrated and the available categories of membership will apply equally to both men and women.

All members (male and female) will pay the same annual subscriptions on 1st April each year and all will have the same general playing rights as determined by the relevant category of membership (e.g. 7 Day, 5 Day, Flexible etc.).

Ladies may not play in designated men only competitions but may play in the same field in their own competition and vice versa.

Hence ladies may play any time on Saturdays but not in the men’s competition. They will be playing in a ladies’ competition. They may mark a card for a man and vice versa. In the same way men may play any time on Tuesdays but should they wish to play in the one and a half hour slot allocated to the ladies it must be in an official men’s competition.


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